Academy Awards Best Actress Nominee Wows Audience With Incredible Diamonds

Carey Mulligan and Colin Firth at the Academy Awards

Carey Mulligan, Best Actress nominee at this year’s Oscar Awards, wowed red carpet gawkers Sunday with an incredible suite of diamonds. Although she did not walk away with an Oscar statuette, she walked the path of victory in her choice of fashion and accenting gems. Mulligan did not wear a necklace, but her earrings and ring made a splash at the ceremony.

British-born Mulligan was nominated for her role in “An Education” which earned her high praise and has garnered buzz that Mulligan may be the next “it girl”. Her Oscar jewelry choice included 19th-century cascading diamond and diamond briollette earrings. She also wore a pear-shaped Everlon Diamond Knot ring, weighing in at 2.5 carats. Her jewelry came courtesy of Fred Leighton.

“These earrings came in to our collection a week before the Oscars and from the moment we saw them, we knew they were for Carey,” said Rebecca Selva a Fred Leighton representative. Mulligan led the ranks of other young starlets showing their individual style through their red carpet choices.

“This year, we saw the emergence of a new generation of actors who have embraced their individuality,” said Jamie Cadwell, the director of the Diamond Information Center. “They are using the red carpet to express their personal styles. Whether vintage-inspired or very modern, we are seeing diamonds used in an exciting variety of ways.”

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