Adam from Notion Ink Touted as iPad Killer

Notion Ink's Adam Tablet PC

Adam Tablet PC - The iPad Killer

While the world was busy praising Apple’s iPad, a group of seven Indian’s was busy preparing the launch Adam, a tablet PC made by Notion Ink. The reasons for projecting this tablet PC as an iPad killer can be summarized as follows –

Thickness – Tablet PCs should be slick enough and Notion Ink’s Adam is just 11.6 mm thick. Apple’s iPad on the other hand measures 13.4 mm in thickness.

Battery Life – Adam can communicate and entertain you for more than 15 hours, whereas with iPad, you will have to content yourself with 9-10 hours.

Functionalities – Adam is literally full of gizmos that you need. AGPS, digital compass, speakers, 3 megapixel camera, microphone, Wi-Fi and 3G compatibility are strategically placed in this Notion Ink tablet PC. You might have to settle for less and shell out more for getting similar capabilities in iPad.

Screen – Adam’s screen uses Pixel Qi technology, which instead of relying on battery powered backlight, uses ambient or external light for better display results. It also uses far less battery than iPad’s touch-screen. Moreover, iPad cannot handle 1080p high-definition videos. Adam not only displays them with efficiency, but also has a jack for displaying them on other devices.

Price – Adam beats iPad in this department too. Notion Ink’s Adam will be priced somewhere between $325 to $450, whereas iPad can be bought $499 and upwards.

How both devices perform commercially cannot be determined beforehand, but one thing can be said, the market is already heating up.

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