Airlines Ask Travelers To Delay Flights

Air Travel Delays

Air Travel Delays

Airlines operating in the European countries are asking travelers to delay their plans due to the continued flight delays because of an erupting Icelandic volcano. Qantas and Singapore Airlines, two of the largest airlines offering service between Australia and Europe, have indicated that they will offer priority booking to customers who have existing booked flights once air traffic resumes, which is expected to be later this week.

Qantas has indicated that it is currently re-booking cancelled flights, but have asked passengers with nonessential travel plans to hold off on re-booking their flights to allow for the backlog of passengers to be processed.

“There is such a stress on accommodation in those ports that we recommend passengers stay home,” the spokeswoman said. An indicator of the backlogged travellers, the hotels in the city of Perth, Australia, are so overcrowded that stranded travelers are being taken 187 miles south to Margaret River, to find vacant rooms.
Qantas and Singapore Airlines both are paying for accommodations for their stranded travelers, but travelers with cheaper travel insurance or no insurance at all are finding they are on their own.

“We have concerns about people with cheap online policies and credit card insurance, but people with more expensive policies look to be okay,” said Gil McLachlan, a historical tour operator in Europe.
It is estimated that this travel crisis is costing the industry more than $200 million per day.

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