Americans Crave Constant Connectability, but Banks Remain Closed on Sundays

Banking on your phone is smart

As the fortunes of the world rebound, today’s economy proves to be a wonderfuly exciting time to be in charge of a large financial institution. Bank executives should be ecstatic about the task at hand; currently speaking, industry wealth has saturated the financial institutions, and it just so happens that there’s a growing trend of techno-savvy consumers who are freakishly eager to embrace new gadgets and technologies, instead of getting motivated about learning how to incorporate new tools instead of their ever-evolving super-sophisticated smart phones/ mobile devices.

People want to make deposits from across the street

According to Red Gillen, a Celent analyst, every bank that he’d spoken with had reported that their adoption numbers exceeded expectations. A few notable statistics found in a recent research study by mobile tracking vendor Sybase 365 included: 67 percent of Americans who claim tat they prefer to be in constant contact; 69 percent report they use SMS; 39 percent expressed an interest in mobile banking, and another 32 percent would even change banks to take advantage of free mobile banking.

Despite the apparent American interest, the consumers of the US are lagging behind their European and Asian counterparts, who have adopted the widest range of mobile services that are theoretically available. ┬áThis can be expected when considering how American banks weren’t very quick on the draw.

Perhaps the banks don’t want to progress the system? Weird.

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