Apple’s iPad : How Not to Fall for the Temptation.

In just a matter of month Apple’s iPad has captured the buzz all over. Over a million geeks have laid their hands on it. Your friends are going gaga over it. Every third person you meet is seriously considering buying one. Media is revving it up with nice reviews.

And you are just sitting and watching. Not that you are amongst those selected few born to hate Apple’s products. In fact you love the iPad. You have been to Apple store at least once to check it out. You are the first one amongst friends and relatives to know all about the interesting apps; even the latest ClamCase that can turn an iPad into a laptop.

But let’s just face it. Not all of us can afford a $$$ toy to play with. So we are here to tell you what to tell your friends, your girlfriend, and most importantly; your heart, why you don’t want to buy an iPad. At least not at the moment.

  • You want to wait for the second generation iPad. First gen is for suckers who are ready for immature hardware and software. Remember first iPod?
  • You already have a smart phone and a laptop; so iPad is redundant for you.
  • You’d rather buy a Netbook for half the price and get the same job done.
  • You can’t even watch ESPN, HULU etc as it does not support Flash.
  • You can’t do multi-tasking: not in third party apps.
  • You love taking photos and video conferencing with friends and oops! It doesn’t even have a camera.

Resist the temptation. There is no app for that yet.

1 thought on “Apple’s iPad : How Not to Fall for the Temptation.

  1. Thanks for putting it all in perspective. It’s a breath of fresh air to hear some objective hate. Loved the list, it filled the cons before I had time to fabricate the pros.

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