Artist, Erin Stack

Erin Stack, Making a Difference


 If artists like Erin Stack get her way “Green” will paint the new color of art.  Some people build solar panels, some put together sustainable buildings, and others like Erin Stack put a whole new spin on art and activism. 

Erin is an artist and her medium is trash.  She takes her passion for the environment, couples it with her natural artistic abilities and, voile! Something magical happens…she makes, ordinarily sleepy people, aware. 

Erin writes poetry and blogs to us in order to engage us in more healthy behaviors, but where she has, truly made a difference is in her development of the Green Artists League.  As she describes her baby, The Green Artists League is a collection of contemporary artists that explore art and ethics in as era of ecological degradation and create public art that addresses the global, environmental crisis.

Her words are as strong as her belief that she, along with other artists like her, can make a difference.  Working the streets of Newburyport, Massachusetts, Erin and her fellow artisans put on interactive productions, with impactful results. 

The group works in schools, as well raising awareness of younger generations as to the footprints they could leave behind.  Her work is admirable and it’s really refreshing to watch someone follow their passion, do what they do best…and succeed at it.

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