Artistic Culture Is Drowning At The Jersey Shore

Four Guidos

A trend now sweeping the nation is the arrogance of ignorance; in other words, more and more people are proud to be stupid. And, though there are several groups expressing their disgust with the newest MTV pop sitcom, Jersey Shore, the majority of Americans embrace the death of art with shaved arms.

The broadcast company acknowledges that the show isn’t meant for everybody, asserting that they intended merely to depict a single aspect of youth culture, and not to propagate the death of art.


Rocking Out for the Team

In our modern culture, it seems commonplace that a man attending a play is forced, and that he’d rather pass on the symphony to watch sports. But, as more and more of the ‘cultural elite”  express their distaste, the entire cast of the Jersey Shore enjoys 10 grand an episode. And, now that these self-proclaimed “guidos” and “guidettes” receive a salary that is equal to or greater than the average salary earned by a member of the Cleveland Orchestra, it doesn’t seem that a funeral for artistic culture is very far off.  After all,  in Pennsylvania, members of the art community barely succeeded in their struggle to overturn an increased tax on art-related activites (like the symphony, and theater); so, maybe there’s still hope enough to believe that the death of American art won’t happen during the next season.

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  1. Cheers for the info, your blog looks great! I 100% am in love with Pauly. This absolutely brings back memories.

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