Autumn Fashion

Written by: Aleksandra Lyanskaya

Ladies, autumn has officially arrived, but whoever gave us the idea that it was time to put all of our cute clothes away in exchange for a full wardrobe of sweatshirts and sweatpants, was completely wrong. There are so many ways of transforming that spring-dress into a fall outfit by adding a few layers and warmer-toned colors in contrast to it. Cardigans were made to be worn as an overthrow for just about any outfit. On those chilly days when the sun is still out, a scarf of absolutely any color will do the trick. Thrown on top of a t-shirt, a long sleeve, tucked into a jacket, any way you think of wrapping it, it’ll always look good. If jeans are your thing, stick to them. With the seasons changing, so can the wash of your denim. Switch from lighter wash to darker jeans. Use longer work-fit pants as every day-wear. Who can forget about a females most favorite obsession, shoes? It’s always hard having to say goodbye to our sandals and strappy heels as we wrap them up and put them back in their boxes, tucked away in the closet until next years warm days. However, it shouldn’t always be the most difficult and saddening situation we experience. Just remember the upsides of autumn; fall boots! By being able to buy a boot in any shape and color, we can make ourselves stand out from everyone else. Ranging from an ankle high boot to a mid calf, may it be made of leather, suede, or anything else that we think looks good. A flat shoe, a small heel, a higher platform, it all upgrades our outfit from simple to outstanding.

Any idea can be turned into a design of our own. Magazines are boosters for fashion, along with the many sites, such as Facebook and Pinterest where people can gather all of their pictures, wants, likes and dislikes, and share with others what they can be doing as well.

What we wear makes us feel the way we do. Not wanting to let go of the happiness of spring and summer, a fashionista must simply remember, we’re not letting go of our fashion sense, just of the bear-all clothing that would only keep us cold during the autumn and winter months.

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