Best Buy Launches New CinemaNow Movie Download Service

CinemaNow on LG Blu-Ray Player


 Electronics giant, Best Buy, is expanding its sales to include an online store where customers can download movies.  This new store will be called CinemaNow.  The focus of the new store will not be to sell DVDs or Blu-rays, rather to provide an online movie download service where downloadable films can be purchased or rented online.  CinemaNow will update its films so they are able to be downloaded and rented or purchased the very day they are released to DVD or Blu-ray.  Downloadable films will be available in 108op or High Definition depending upon the title and release date.

The CinemaNow service will also cater to a wide variety of internet-ready devices including PCs, certain Samsung or Best Buy home theatre equipment, and LG Blu-ray players.  Prices for CinemaNow rentals will range from $2.99 to $3.99 per title and $9.99 to $19.99 for purchase.  While some other companies have tried and failed over the past several years to create a demand for downloadable movies, with the recent success of the Netflix “instant queue” and our world’s growing demand for instant gratification, the CinemaNow service should be a huge success — Especially given the integration that CinemaNow will have with several electronic devices ranging from companies like LG, Samsung, and Insignia.

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