The Bi(n)g Idea of Entertainment!

Bing's music to the ears !

Microsoft’s aggressive attempts to revive their search engine by changing its name from MSN search to Live and then finally to Bing and positioning it as a decision engine has taken a new entertaining step.

This Tuesday, the company announced a new way to search the entertainment stuff where you can play games, watch your favorite soap operas and other TV content, stream music and shows, all without a second click, right on the Bing domain itself. This will perhaps make Bing look more like a web portal than a search engine page, while making the navigation much smoother for the average user who gets lost in the information explosion that comes with every search query that is made.

This new feature includes services from Zune catalog too, where each of several million songs on Zune can be played once for free and 30-second previews available thereafter.

It is noteworthy that presently 7% of all Bing searches (which accounts to 1.5 billion queries per month) are entertainment-related queries. This percentage is more likely to go up now with the introduction of this feature. Though Bing is still far from capturing Google’s number one position as far as search goes, this is surely a step in the right direction.

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