It’s A Bird. It’s A Plane. It’s Super Google!

Everyone wants to get in on Google's ultra high-speed broadband experiment

Shouts of joy and elation are ringing from a list of hand picked communities around the United States as Google opens up its first test run of a brand new ultra high speed fiber optic Internet connection, Google Fiber.

This could be the future of Internet connection, which would catapult speeds faster than Captain Kirk can say, “beam me up, Scottie.”  At 1-gigabye per second download rates would increased over 100 times faster than what they are today.  This means a full-length feature film could be downloaded in around five minutes.

A Google Fiber for Communities website has been officially let loose so that we can keep tabs on this exciting new project, which is being coordinated with the help of the FCC.  The ultra high speed broadband network will be in an experimental phase, with thousands of communities beating on Google’s doors to get in on the action.

Recently Don Ness, mayor of Duluth, Minnesota, swam in Lake Superior in order to garner attention for his community.  Google has put in place a request form for communities who are interested in participating in the project, but only a small number are expected to be chosen.

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