Bloom Box to End Energy Woes

Bloom Box

The Magical Bloom Box

Though this seems to deviate from regular stuff that is posted here, it still needs to be mentioned due to its implications on computer world. We are talking about Bloom Box, a fuel cell like device invented by K R Sridhar of Bloom Energy is expected to get rid of all our energy woes in coming decade. What makes this magical device is the fact that a single Bloom Box can power an American home for life, without any maintenance. What makes this fuel-cell more attractive is the fact that it will not produce any pollutants while it produces energy. All it will need is small amount of air and fuel (natural gas or solar energy) to run and will produce just water as by product.

So why are we not letting it in the market and let everyone use it? Well, first this fuel cell device still is in testing phase and costs a whopping $700,000 to $800,000 a piece. Though the creator believes that once economies of scale come into play, it will cost around $3,000 allowing everyone to have one in their home. But does it really work? Companies like Google, Wal-Mart, Coca Cola, FedEx, Staples and eBay would be in a better position to answer this question as they have been using it for last one year. If eBay is to be believed, the company has already saved $1 million in energy costs since installation a year ago. Other companies have confirmed this and are happy for being the first to use Bloom Box from Bloom Energy. Hope this works well so that Mother Nature can heave a sigh of relief and we never need to carry multiple batteries to keep the laptop running. Instead, just carry a Bloom Box.

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