As a Brand-Name, ATG Makes Products like “Drunk Sex,” Not Music

Is it Usher? Kanye West? or T-Pain? Nope, just ATG

As he introduced himself to the world, it wasn’t difficult to pinpoint ATG as just another run-of-the-mill rapper. Though he himself claims to be the newest breed of rapper/singer to enter the game, his aviator-sporting- polo-wearing-self looks just like Kanye West, and sounds exactly like T-Pain (thanks to his heavy use of an auto tuner). Nevertheless, his single “Drunk Sex,” which was inspired by Jeremih’s “Birthday Sex,” has been popular enough for him to make a part 2 with C-Ride, and a part 3 with Kirby Maurier, which will have a music video that he plans to turn into a movie.

ATG demonstrates how to save yourself from his albums

Alongside “Drunk Sex,” ATG dropped another single called “Light It Up,” produced by T-Nyce from Toronto, and a mixtape titled, “Mr. Do It All.” He has also been busy producing a track called “Freak,” by an up-and-coming R&B diva named LauldeJ. But, as he shamelessly advertises his twitter, myspace, and youtube accounts, it is difficult to call this man a hip-hop artist, and easier to label him a bubble-gum rapper. Since flash and reputation are all that really sell on mainstream airwaves, it isn’t a surprise to find another fresh-to-death narcissistic rapper. But, the unique thing about this ATG he consider’s himself brand-name, and not just somebody out to make music; in other words, he’s not an artist, just a rhyming billboard.

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