Bridge House of New Orleans Addresses City’s Need for Rehabilitation Services

Bridge House of New Orleans provided free meals for homeless citizens in New Orleans on Christmas Day, 2009.

As with many institutions and organizations serving the public of New Orleans, Bridge House of New Orleans was faced with a critical situation in which none could afford to consider any failure to step up to meet the needs of the population in the wake of the devastation that followed Katrina.  A situation already plagued by a lack of healthcare access for those without the financial had become one of dire need due to a lack of available providers in the area following the flooding and displacement those who occupied homes, businesses and public service institutions.  The lack of such services in health care, particularly for that in areas such as mental health and substance abuse could hardly have come at a worse time, as many found such services absent in the greatest time of need.

Despite the difficulties of the situation following Katrina, Bridge House of New Orleans has remained a reliable resource to those seeking treatment for drug and alcohol addictions.  In the fall of 2006, Bridge House—which had previously offered treatment exclusively for men—merged with the only female-exclusive substance abuse rehabilitation center for women, Grace House, and effectively began its expansion of treatment services across gender lines. 

Bridge House of New Orleans not only works to assist those seeking treatment for addiction to simply kick the substance addiction itself, but continues to work with patients who have worked their way through the chemical addiction to build valuable life skills and job skills within a structured environment.  Helping those recovering from a lifestyle of addiction to build a healthy, structured routine not only helps patients regain a sense of self-worth, but has proven highly effective at a rate of 70 percent for those who complete the full program.

Bridge House of New Orleans accepts donations on their website through PayPal or through credit card, cash or check.  Bridge House of New Orleans also accepts donations of furniture, clothes and other usable household items to the Bridge House Thrift Stores, as well as tax-deductible used car donations.

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