Chile Earthquake the Latest Disaster Relief Effort of Direct Relief International

Overturned autos on a collapsed overpass following the 8.8 magnitude earthquake.

The recent 8.8 earthquake that struck in Chile near the city of Concepción is the latest emergency response effort of the nonprofit organization Direct Relief International.  Direct Relief International works to provide disaster relief in coordination with local organizations best suited to provide for the needs of the community.  Direct Relief International has been involved in disaster relief efforts including Hurricane Katrina and Rita in 2005 and the Bolivia floods in January of 2007 and recently became involved in the earthquake relief effort in Haiti, contributing $1.3 million in medical aid to victims.

Direct Relief International is currently working to provide necessary aid to victims of the earthquake in Chile which resulted in at least 723 deaths and 500,000 damaged homes.  In addition to the earthquake, consequent tsunamis severely damaged the port of Talcahuano in the greater area of Concepción and all but completely destroyed the fishing community of 7,000 people in the village of Dichato.  The death toll in Dichato resulting from the tsunami still has yet to be determined. 

You can get involved the Direct Relief International response effort to the earthquake in Chile, the earthquake in Haiti or other ongoing efforts by making a direct donation online through the Direct Relief International website.  Direct Relief International accepts donations of stocks, as well as donations of medical products.

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