Coachella Suffers Travel Delays Due To Volcano Eruption



The travel delays and chaos wrought by the Icelandic volcano has now affected the music industry. Coachella, one of the California’s biggest music events, had to do without some of its European acts as they, like the rest of the country, were unable to leave via airplane.

Early last week, a volcano in Iceland began to erupt. As it did, volcanic ash was spewed high in to the air, affecting airspace used by many of Europe’s airlines. By the end of the week, virtually all airplanes had been grounded, causing the greatest travel disruption since 9/11.
And now, as the volcano continues to cause travel headaches, the illustrious California entertainment industry has been affected.
Among the acts grounded in Europe were The Cribs, Frightened Rabbit and Bad Lieutenant. Fortunately, most of the big-name European acts were already in the U.S. and therefore not affected on their flights to the mainland. Thom Yorke and Muse thrilled audiences with their standout performances. While the performers were welcomed at the festival and concert-goers were happy to have them on U.S. soil, it remains to be seen how the acts will get back to the U.K. as airspace is still greatly restricted.

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