Coffee Cup – Can Yours be Affecting the Flavor of Your Coffee?


Coffee Cup

How one drinks their cup of Joe is a matter of taste, choice, or habit. Does it really matter what kind of cup you choose to drink your coffee from?  The coffee cup comes in many shapes and sizes, we all have our favorites.

Most of us have a travel mug for the commute, for the hike.   And who doesn’t need a shot of Java in the morning to get going?   But what is that cup made of?  Stainless steel is best as it isn’t porous and retains heat well.  The flavor stays intact and it doesn’t need to be rinsed before use.

Avoid plastic, paper or Styrofoam as they may transfer their own flavor into your coffee as well as the flavor of your coffee can erode as it sits.  Worse yet, there is some debate as to whether these materials release toxic elements into your coffee due to the high temperature it is served at.

Consider the good old porcelain coffee cup.   They are not porous and they maintain the temperature of your coffee longer preserving the flavor.  Since they are reusable they are environmentally friendly and easy to find in any store in a variety of shapes, sizes and decorated with many designs to suit your fancy.

Wash your cup daily with warm soapy water, you wouldn’t want to have a ring around your cup and as bad as that can look worse yet it can alter the taste of your coffee.  Oils in the coffee slowly leach out and stick to the inside of your cup altering the taste of your fresh new brew.  A little vinegar can remove stubborn stains when soaked for an hour or so.  Rinse well and you’re ready for a fresh cup ‘o Joe.

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