‘Computers of the Future’ as envisioned by Americans.

Computers are penetrating more and more in our everyday lives and becoming a necessity. Tablet Pc’s are bridging the gap between smart phone devices and heavier bulkier laptops. Operating system is coming to the web with Google Chrome on Cloud, changing the desktop dynamics with a cost effective and portable solution.

Touching the Human Emotions !

The most intriguing question amidst all this is knowing what lies ahead of us. Not a year or two years from now, but 40 years ahead? As difficult as it may be to predict, when Americans were asked this question in a telephonic survey by The Pew Research Center, it showed, “81 percent think that computer science will have progressed to the point where a computer will probably or definitely be able to carry on a conversation indistinguishable from that of a human being”

A pretty believable idea considering the technology around us is evolving at the speed of light. Intel at its Annual Research Day at the end of this month will also be indicating the progress in the same direction. Its spotlighting technology that reads readers gesture and responds to the thoughts. The event is to be held at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California.

When computers start reading our minds and talking back to us, that popular saying on books will be modified to ‘computers are our best friends’.

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