Con Agra Foods Under Fire Again From CDC

The regular sized Campbells Spahettios have been recalled

School is out and parents are stocking up for lunches their children can eat at home.  The only problem is they may be also bringing in food born illnesses courtesy of Con Agra Foods.

The CDC reported in April and May fourteen states had outbreaks of salmonella poisoning.  The foods that were linked to these cases most likely came from products made by Con Agra foods, including Marie Callender’s rice dishes and cheese chicken meals and Campbell’s SpagettiOs with Meatballs.

This is not the first time that Con Agra Foods has been under investigation for food born illnesses.  The company is notorious for bad food practices.  For example, 625 people in 47 states became ill from salmonella after eating the Peter Pan brand peanut butter in 2007.  And another 400 became ill from the same bacteria from Con Agra’s Banquet brand potpies in 41 states.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture told consumers on June 18, 2010 about the massive recalls of the regular sized can of Campbells SpagettiOs with Meatballs and the two frozen dinners from Marie Callender’s, which are the cheese chicken, the white meat chicken with rice and broccoli, and rice and cheddar sauce.

If you have purchased the canned Cambell’s products, be sure to look for a label that reads, “”EST 4K.”  Products that have expirations between June 2010 and December 2011 can be returned to the store for a full refund.

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