Relief for Young Football Players: ConTACT Approved and Prevention Work begins.

Junior Linebacker Ryne Dougherty

It’s after two years of New Jersey high school football player Ryne Dougherty death that his friends and family can finally be at peace as the House approves the Concussion Treatment and Care Tools (ConTACT) Act. There will now be federal guidelines on managing concussions among student athletes.

Ryan died of brain hemorrhage during the game, after he was allowed to get back to the field without being properly diagnosed for the complete recovery of his previous concussion.

Concussion in Young Athletes: Heads Up !!

And sadly, Ryne isn’t the only one who lost his life for this reason. About 135,000 kids visit emergency rooms every year from traumatic brain injuries including concussions and most of them get hurt playing recreational sports, CDC reports says. Many get back to practice immediately without proper treatment, compounding the risk of permanent brain damage.

In respond to the act Youth Football Leagues are coming up with new videos, posters, coaching exams and other such lessons about preventing, and recognizing a concussion. The act will not only enforce a guideline on treating concussions, it will also determine how soon a young athlete can return to play after the injury.

After all, missing a game or two is far better than missing an entire season, or more.

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