Cornerstones Community Partnerships Empowers Southwest Communities With Preservation of Native Culture

Restoration of sites such as the Socorro Mission in El Paso, Texas not only helps to preserve a rich history of cultural heritage, but is beneficial to local tourism economies.

Founded in 1986, Cornerstones Community Partnerships has been working for the preservation of the rich native history of culture and tradition in the Southwest United States.  Cornerstones Community Partnerships is a nonprofit organization centrally based in Santa Fe, New Mexico, which seeks to preserve the rich cultural history of the Southwest through a community-based approach to restoration of historic sites, encouragement of building practices for vernacular architecture and reinforcement of cultural and traditional values.

Cornerstones Community Partnerships takes a community-based approach to its efforts for the preservation of the local history of Native American and Hispanic culture in many states of the Southwest which allows both members of each community as well as willing volunteers to have a direct hand in the work of the organization which is mutually beneficial.  Cornerstones Community Partnerships helps to enrich and empower communities by offering apprenticeships to at-risk youth as well as providing on-the-job training for adults.

There are many ways to get involved, including a variety of volunteer opportunities for those who wish to take a hands-on role in the work of Cornerstones Community Partnerships for the preservation of the rich heritage of native culture and tradition in the region.  Willing individuals can volunteer to take part in a restoration project in the field, or can volunteer to assist with office work and mailings.  Cornerstones Community Partnerships accepts tax-deductible monetary donations towards tools, building materials and office equipment.  Cornerstones Community Partnerships additionally accepts donations of items including building materials and tools, books, articles, photos and office supplies.

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