Counter Culture La Golondrina

Counter Culture La Golondrina

Founded and headquartered in Durham, NC in 1995  Counter Culture operates training centers along the eastern seaboard to educate people about their practices in dealing with Columbian farmers directly to source the finest tasting coffee.

This is a project which partners with local Columbian families in the area called Popayan to source the best of each harvest.

Popayan offer Caturra, Catuai, Bourbon, and Typica varieties grown at elevations of 1500 to 2000 meters, harvest time is March through June.  Cupping notes are black cherry, caramel and chocolate. 

In the past Columbian beans were mixed together to produce what we now know as “Columbian Coffee”, this mixing produces an average of tastes.  Counter Culture keeps each farm’s coffee beans separate to deliver a pure coffee from that one farm.

Alejandro Cadena and Giancarlo Ghiretti work in conjunction with Counter Culture to bring great coffees from the Cauca region to Durham, NC and if the coffee meets Counter Culture standards it’s a go.

With direct sourcing from each farmer, the project known as “La Golondrina,” or “The Swallow,” came to pass.  Latin American culture believes the swallow is a symbol of communication between peoples; the swallow can easily carry messages long distances and returns every year.  As will this delicious brand of coffees.

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