Cut Like an Afro: Underwood Released From Pats Hours Before Super Bowl XLVI

Tiquan Underwood BEFORE learning he wouldn't be playing in the Super Bowl after all

Tiquan Underwood BEFORE learning he wouldn't be playing in the Super Bowl after all

Looks like a Patriots’ fan favorite will be sporting his freshly ‘Pat’ed high-top afro from the rafters of a suite as Bill Belichick releases Tiquan Underwood less than a day before Super Bowl XLVI.

In what many describe to be a yet another classless move by Belichick and the New England Patriots, wide receiver Underwood was taken through the motions of team photos, flying family and friends out for the big game, and relishing the whole day as an integral part of a team that many believe will take another Super Bowl win–all to be told a mere 20 hours before game time that he’s being cut and rookie Alex Silvestro is being promoted from the team’s practice squad in his stead.

Silvestro has only played in one game this season and has made two tackles. In response to the bombshell drop and with more class than his coach, Underwood tweeted, “This Is Nothing But MOTIVATION… Good Luck To The New England Organization, The Coaches, & All My Teammates… #PatsNation.“ Equally painful is knowing that this bit of “business” is only to increase the likelihood of playing wide receiver Chad Ochocinco, a prime-time paid player that has only had 15 catches the entire season, but has also never played in the Super Bowl. Underwood, has only had  3 catches in 5 games, but his exuberance and anticipation was rising to the tune of a supremely explosive cog in the Patriots’ offense. While the Patriots have maintained that Underwood is still welcome to return to the team next season and will still receive a ring if they happen to win the Super Bowl, this classlessness makes you wonder if Underwood would even want accept it after having his hopes dashed the night before the big game. Makes you wonder who he’ll be rooting for come game time. And even though the New York Giants can’t sweep him away and make Underwood a part of their roster, it makes you wonder if Underwood will call the Giants and, in a Deepthroat-like voice, say, “I have information you want. Meet me before the game. It’ll make all the difference.”

While the Patriots have consistently made moves like this in order to keep their lineups fresh for each game, Belichick is consistent in his rudeness too. Known to many as a cheater and sore loser, Belichick has infamously walked off the field before the game clock expired  during Super Bowl XLII, despite being told by referees to show sportsmanship and remain on the field. Moves like this make the New England Patriots gain more protesters than fans.

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