Daily Show Mocks the Tea-Partying Obama Haters, and Tracy Morgan Gets A Lot of Laughs

Jon Stewart, Host of the Daily Show

Opening the Daily Show episode, Jon Stewart quotes a member of the tea party movement as stating: “Obama lied: Our country died!” and is reminded of the title of Dr. Seuss’ alleged second-worst book, “Obama lies, our country dies.” He draws attention to how the media is hyper-focusing on the alleged violent side of the tea party protests  – expecting them to get rowdy, while FOX keeps an eye out for  “any sign of the crazies running around.” The entire media front covered today’s culmination of the tea party express. Even Wyatt cynac showed up, though he reported in disappointment after failing to fall victim to the racial hatred allegedly et to explode at any moment. Perhaps, the media is blowing smoke where there is no fire?

Smantha Bee does a piece around Bo Dietl, a private investigator who worked with the Daily Show on numerous occasions. During their interview, he mentions how ten handguns and a shotgun were stolen from his office at some point between November

Tracy is always entertaining

2007 and today. In response to his problem – in return for his courageous efforts – THE dAily SHOW TEAM is put into action. Larry Lawton – ex con, Louis Ferrante – ex-loanshark, frank luntz – gop strategist, all work together to crack the case, but they fail. Miserably.

In the third leg of the show, Tracy Morgan turns up to push his new flick – Death at a Funeral (which isn’t mentioned that much). Immediately upon his entrance, Jon claims that he smells special; as it turns out, it’s because of a new fragrance by Tito Jackson. The interview gets interesting when Tracy reveals that he refuses to see the movie Spiderman since its lead superhero owes him $75. After that hilarious snippet, the comedian rolls into his philosophy about golf, invents a nickname for the host – STEWBEEF – and keeps him laughing for so long that by the end of the episode, Jon considers following Morgan around for a week – just for laughs.

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