Dangerous Levels of Cadmium Found in Kids Jewelry

A Friendship Bracelet

Bracelets recalled because of dangerous levels of cadmium

Suddenly the kind gesture of a young teenage girl giving her best friend a friendship bracelet has turned into quite a dangerous gift. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety has been investigating children’s jewelry that is being imported from countries such as China for the toxic metal cadmium.

A bracelet line, known as “Best Friends” was voluntarily recalled by its manufacturer earlier this week. The recall was over cadmium levels and the toxicity of the bracelets was proven both in house and by independent researchers. The bracelets were sold at the well-known retailer Claire’s, which has over 3,000 locations internationally. Claire’s is offering a total refund for the bracelet which should be returned immediately if a consumer bought one previous to the recall. Claire’s is not taking the issue lightly and is doing investigations of their own to ensure that incoming products are safe.

The safety standards for jewelry do not have cadmium minimum requirements as they do for other materials such as lead. Claire’s and others affected by the recent issues are pushing for standards to be set and enforced. Government bodies and agencies across the United States are now beginning to take cadmium levels in jewelry much more seriously.

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