Sothesby’s To Auction Off Rare De Beers Blue Diamond

De Beers Blue Diamond

Sothesby’s will auction off a stunningly rare blue diamond in April. The rare beauty is expected to sell for up to $5.8 million, says Sothesby’s auction house. The diamond is pear-shaped, flawless, and 5.16 carats. It is the first blue diamond to be auctioned from the De Beers Millennium Jewels Collection.

The Collection was unveiled in 2000, featuring eleven rare blue diamonds with a grand total of 118 carats. In addition to those eleven diamonds was the centerpiece of the collection; the Millennium Star which weighs 777 carats.

The flawless blue diamond up for auction in April is set in a ring, and was one of the collection pieces on display at the Millennium Dome in Greenwich in 2000. It will be auctioned by Sothesby’s in Hong Kong on April 7. The gem is described as “fancy vivid blue” which is the highest rating for a coloured diamond, which are famously rare and coveted. Natural color blue diamonds are created when boron is present during formation.The blue diamond is laser-inscribed with “De Beers Millennium Jewel 11”.

“It is an unprecedented opportunity to acquire at auction a gem with this unique historical provenance,” said Quek Chin Yeow of Sothesby’s Asia. Last year, a 7.03-carat blue diamond sold for $9.48 million, setting a price-per-carat world record. Sothesby’s stands to make an impressive sale from the 5.16-carat stone as well. Yeow expects the ring to sell for between $4.6 and $5.8 million.

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