De Beers Diamond Route Offers Rare Views To Tourists

View from the Diamond Route

De Beers diamond miners cull South Africa’s soil for the finest diamonds on earth. Now, they offer a glimpse in to the world of diamonds and the deep culture and history of South Africa. The story of diamond mining in South Africa has been opened to eco-travelers and explorers through The Diamond Route. Tourists have access to more than 600,000 acres of private land owned by De Beers and the Oppenheimer family. These two entities partnered together to open the Route, a nature preserve made up of nine different mining sites located on private land. The purpose of the Route is to educate, inform and inspire visitors to respect and protect natural resources.

“The Diamond Route is the epitome of passion in action,” says The Diamond Route’s website, “The Diamond Route is the culmination of years of dedication and commitment to this field.”

The Route covers a vast swath of land, stretching from the Namaqualand diamond coast site in west South Africa to east Kimberly, the Dronfield and Rooipoort nature reserves, and up to the Brenthurst Gardens in Johannesburg, among other sites, according to the website. Travelers are taken on tours by trained bird guides and cultural guides. Patrons can also hike the preserves, experience off-road trails and newly-upgraded facilities.

“Together, we will make a lasting contribution to conversation and enhance environmental awareness in communities in the areas in which we operate, illustrating the good that diamonds can do,” said Rob Smart, Diamond Route chairperson.

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