Dez Bryant: The Rising Star of Dallas Cowboys. Really?

Perhaps the most media publicized player in this NFL season’s draft pick, Dez Bryant will be thrown at by Tony Romo for the first time when Dallas Cowboys start the organized team activities next week and we will get first hand glimpse of his salt and see if he is worth all the gush and hoopla that surrounds him.

All eyes on Dez Bryant: Will he live up to our expectations?

This rookie receiver has been in the middle of controversies ever since the beginning. First in his draft interviews, he was asked by Miami Dolphins general manager if his mother was a prostitute, which was obviously viewed offensive and objectionable by many of the football lovers. It’s interesting that Dez Bryant was then picked up 24th overall in the first round by Dallas Cowboys, four spots before the Miami Dolphins at no.28., gathering many superlatives from his team and considered the savior for Dallas Cowboys, especially when it boils down to creating an indispensible offence for Cowboys. Contradictions start soon after though, when in the mini camp we heard whispers on his fitness level, extended sleep hours and a twisted ankle that made it all questionable. Then recently, Dallas Cowboys offensive coordinator Jason Garrett’s openly talked in his interview on Sirius Radio about his doubts on Bryant‘s transition into the league.

Only the upcoming NFL season can tell how this most promising rookie performs in front of all the veterans, until which speculations abound.

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  1. Great read – after reading the article, I got more excited about the rookie player starting off the season! Good work!!!

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