Doctors Without Borders Provides Free Urgent Medical Care

An infant in Haiti recieves medical care following the recent earthquake.

Founded in 1971 by a French group of doctors and journalists, Doctors Without Borders is a leading nonprofit organization in providing urgent medical care internationally at no cost to patients in need.  Doctors Without Borders works to provide relief where shortages of medical care exist due to natural disasters, widespread plague, military conflict or exclusion from access to health care services.

Doctors Without Borders is currently leading efforts to provide medical care following the devastation of the recent earthquake in Haiti, which left upwards of 300,000 injured including many in need of long-term care.  A nation previously lacking in available advanced health care due to its impoverished economic state, Haiti now faces a situation in which damage to infrastructure has even further limited what little medical services are available.  Doctors Without Borders, which has addressed the situation by providing an extensive amount of services for operative and post-operative care, is due shortly to open four new post-operative facilities with a total of 1,000 patient beds.  Doctors Without Borders is additionally providing mental health care as part of its relief effort in Haiti.

Doctors Without Borders is now also focusing its efforts to provide medical care in Chile following the severe damage to infrastructure which resulted from the 8.8 magnitude earthquake, which struck with catastrophic force near the city of Concepción and caused considerable damage in the capital of Santiago.

Doctors Without Borders accepts one-time and monthly donations through, the Doctors Without borders website, towards their efforts to provide medical care for those whom medical services would be otherwise inaccessible.  Doctors Without Borders also provides volunteer opportunities, internships and job positions with their offices, as well as opportunities for field work for medical professionals and non-medical personnel who qualify.

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