Dog Swallows 3-Carat Diamond

Guilty dog

The battle of the sexes recently took an interesting turn at a Washington D.C. jewelry store. Man’s best friend gobbled up a girl’s best friend, a 3-carat diamond, and chaos ensued.┬áRobert Barnard Jewelry Store owner George Kaufman brings his dog, Sollie to work with him every day. Sollie was attending a meeting with Kaufman and a diamond dealer as the dealer displayed the $20,000 diamond. The diamond dropped to the floor as the jewelers inspected it and to everyone’s horror, Sollie went right for the gem.┬áHe quickly picked it up and swallowed it.

“You saw Sollie go for the diamond,” said Kaufman. “…gobbled it up. [I] tried to pull it out of his mouth, couldn’t get it. Gone.” The dealer and store were unsuccessful in retrieving the gem from Sollie’s mouth, so they took him to their local veterinarian. The veterinarian advised the jewelry store owners to wait until the dog had passed the gem through his bowel movement. Kaufman had waited three days when Sollie finally passed the stone during one of their walks. The diamond, now cleaned off and restored to its original luster, is now in perfect condition.

It is hard to say who won this round of the battle of the sexes. It appears to remain at a stalemate.

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