Java Jacket – A Dream Was Born In Portland

Java Jacket sleeve

Inspiration to invent something usually comes from a need or an annoyance you experience; such is the case with Jay Sorenson.  In the Fall of 1991 he spilled a cup of hot coffee in his lap because he couldn’t hold on to the hot paper cup.  He knew there was a solution to this problem and the Java Jacket was born. 

His home became the headquarters of this new company and he pursued his vision by selling to local coffee shops in Portland, Oregon out of stock he kept in the back of his car.  With sales increasing he and his wife Colleen went to the annual Seattle trade show to exhibit what they had created.  And that started the empire.

The business has sold over a billion Java Jackets to local businesses as well as some of the biggest coffee houses.  But Jay and Colleen have a commitment to their community and actively support local foundations as well as the Cheetah Conservation Foundation and The Nature Conservatory to name a few.  A minimum order is one case and for every case a donation of $15.00 is made to the Fran Drescher Cancer Awareness Foundation.

The design is patented and the way it transfers heat is by allowing air to pass through the jacket providing insulating benefits and a better grip.  You can opt for customized printing when ordering 40 cases or more.

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