Drinking Coffee Could Mean Lower Uterine Cancer Risk

Enjoy coffee and lower your risk of uterine cancer

If you are a woman who drinks at least two and a half cups of coffee a day there is good news for you from the Mayo Clinic.  You could be decreasing your risk of getting uterine cancer.

Their study involved 20,000 women and compared those who drank two and a half cups of coffee a day versus those who drank none.  What is amazing is that those who drank the coffee were on the wining side of decreasing their cancer risk while those who did not drink coffee were not.

Caffeine was a factor in the tests, and scientists concluded that tea and chocolate did not have the same effect as the coffee.  Instead they found that the women’s insulin and estrogen levels were affected by their intake from the caffeine in just coffee.

Doctors warn that women who are age 35 and up and are over weight, have a family history of colon cancer, or have started their menopause late may be at a higher risk for uterine cancer due to the higher level of estrogen.  It is recommended that if you think you are at risk to discuss this with your gynecologist.

Female coffee connoisseurs who are at a lower risk for uterine cancer and who drink coffee every day can enjoy the health benefits. But beware that consuming too much caffeine can also be a negative.  Doctors suggest women stick to the maximum two and a half cups per day.

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