Ducati Multistrada 1200 In Demand

"The hottest"

Despite the prospect of an impending global economic meltdown, it seems people can still dig out the old checkbook for some of the most expensive two-wheeled toys, according to Ducati.

The Italian motorcycle maker says in a recent press release that its new Multistrada 1200, starting at $14,995, has proved so popular, they don’t expect to be able to deliver on time. There will be a 60-day wait for new orders. The buzz about the new Multistrada is largely over its four riding modes. With a button-click, riders are able to choose whether they want to ride in sport, urban, touring or enduro mode. Ducati promotes this revolutionary capability as making the Multistrada the most versatile bike ever, and as a way to reduce the number of cycles a rider might have in the garage for different uses. The company says the bike boasts several other technological advancements, such as electronic suspension adjustment and “ride-by-wire” throttle control.

But how many people really are ready to open their wallets right now, even for what Ducati calls “the hottest” new motorcycle on the market? Well, the company pre-sold 500 before its officially unveiling and expect to double that mark in the coming weeks, so it’s not like they’re about to become the VW Beatles of 21st Century motorcycles.

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