DVD Drama Adds to the Controversy Surrounding the Release of the New Alice In Wonderland Movie

Alice In Wonderland Theatrical Poster

Hot Topic and Barnes & Noble are currently offering an entire section of Alice in Wonderland merchandise, and a crowd of fans are already planning on going to the theatre upon release of the movie; so, why is the United States worrying about boosting sales with an early DVD release? Not only does Europe dislike the idea, but some English theater chains  are actually looking to boycott the film because of this great American decision. The movie opens on March 5th, and now the controversy also includes the people in charge of the film, but not just those who don’t like how the new film doesn’t match the old book.

Lewis Carroll’s beloved novel, Alice in Wonderland, is a classic story that has been animated and filmed several times over. It’s the tale of a young girl’s accidental journey into a rather ridiculous world, where she encounters bizarre creatures and the crazy situations in which they thrive. As it stands, the story has found it’s way into another movie, and, as usual, this movie plot won’t match up with the book.

This time, Tim Burton will direct this most recent cinematic

The Red Queen owns the dragon that terrorizes wonderland

interpretation of the story, which acts as a sequel to the original journey. It follows a 19 year old Alice, and her return to the place called Wonderland. And since TIm Burton’s vision is very different from Lewis Carroll’s, many people are upset and disappointed; oh well, at least this version is in 3-D.

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