Electronics Recycling Law Passed in New York


Recycling Electronics

The state of New York has become the most recent of over 20 states to pass its own electronics recycling law.  New York Governor, David Patterson, signed legislation late last month to enforce the recycling of electronics throughout New York.  The legislation requires all manufacturers in the state that sell electronic devices to provide free collection services for obsolete electronics by April 2011. 

The New York legislation requires each of these electronics manufacturers to reuse or recycle their market share by weight of electronic scrap based on a three year sales average.  The waste collected by these organizations is to be reported by the individual collection facilities separately as waste generated by consumers within the state of New York and waste received from other locations.  While housed at the collection facilities, the electronic waste must be fully enclosed in secure containers or buildings that are constructed to minimize and prevent the release of hazardous materials.  The electronic waste must also be removed from the collection site within one year.

Several electronics manufacturers have expressed concern due to the varying laws affecting the disposal of their products from state to state.  Other states that have passed electronics recycling laws in the past decade include California, Maine, Maryland, Washington, and Minnesota, among others.

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