Espresso Con Panna Is A Rich Delight

Espresso Con Pana is an Italian original now popular in the U.S.

Espresso by itself is a dark, robust blend of coffee bean perfection.  The drink that put Italy on the map has been transformed by some of the top coffee sellers in the world into many different varieties.  But one such blend is just as well known as espresso by itself, and that is espresso con panna.

The Italian drink is translated as, “espresso with cream“.  After the espresso is created through high pressured hot water then sweet homemade whipped cream is added.  And of course if you do not want the added sugar then the cream by itself is just enough to take the bite out of the dark coffee taste.

The espresso con panna is a favorite in the United States.  In fact, Starbucks has it on the menu, which can be made with one, two or three shots.  Because of it’s bitter taste this drink may not be for everyone, especially if you enjoy tasting less of the coffee and more of the filler.  But for the robust taste buds this drink is a creamy delight and very simple to make.

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