Ethiopian Harrar Coffee Is A Rare Find

Ethiopian Harrar coffee is a perfect robust blend with a fruity aftertaste

Imagine a coffee blend that is rich in flavor yet has an essence of fruit after each sip.  That is what you will find with Ethiopia’s Harrar coffee beans, a special plant grown in the Harrar region of the small country.

The distinct coffee is part of the arabica family, which takes longer to reach full growth maturity at around seven years.  This is what gives the Harrar blend such a robust, mocha taste.  The plants are grown at a high range of about 4300 feet.  The beans are roasted through a dry process and sorted by hand, making each cup unique.

There are several types of Harrar coffee beans that produced in Ethiopia.  First is the peaberry or mocha type, often used for espresso drinks.  Second is the shortberry, which is smallest in size and great for ground or espresso coffee.  Last is the large, longberry type best used in ground coffee.

The Ethiopian Harrar bean is a rare find, as it is grown on small farms in only three regions of the eastern part of the country.  Favorite coffee shops that brew this special blend include Starbucks and Peet’s Coffee.  Beans are also sold online through specialty retailers.

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