Expedia Launches Travel Section for Gay and Lesbian Customers

GLBT Travel

Gay Friendly Travel

With the assistance of the International Gay and Lesbian Travel Association, Expedia has recently opened a new Gay and Lesbian Travel section on its website.  Expedia’s Gay and Lesbian Travel section features top travel destinations for the gay and lesbian population and helps find hotels and resorts that are welcoming to GLBT guests.  Another area of Expedia’s new section displays major gay events across the globe in order to help gays and lesbians plan vacations and trips to places that are more welcoming. 

The international information on the site is provided to help the GLBT population find information as easily as possible while performing the usual Expedia goal of helping save its clients money.  Because the service is very new, its current information may be a bit sparse in specific regions.  However, as the Expedia Gay and Lesbian Travel section expands, it is expected to provide an easier and more convenient way to plan a GLBT friendly vacation.

Top gay and lesbian travel destinations listed on the site include San Francisco, New Orleans, Puerto Vallarta, and AmsterdamGLBT events which are highlighted by Expedia include Disney Gay Days in Orlando, Gay Pride in Sao Paulo, and Capital Pride in Washington DC.

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