Eye Spy with My Little Eye… Eye-Fi!

Compatible with 1,000+ cameras!

Is your camera compatible with SDHC cards? Then Eye-Fi will work for you.

In a time where gadgets need to be one step ahead of the game to compete, Eye-Fi is proving they are right where they need to be. I’d even say two steps ahead. Welcome the Eye-Fi, a memory card that does much more than just save your memories. Actually, it does just that, but better.

Working with Wi-Fi, and most likely where it got its name, Eye-Fi automatically and wirelessly sends photos and videos from your digital camera directly to your computer or retail destinations. The Eye-Fi card looks just like a regular SDHC card and fits into any digital camera that supports that card type. The only difference is that is has a built-in Wi-Fi that uses wireless networks to upload your photos. You’re probably wondering where they go? Upon setup, you specify which networks the card can use to transfer the pictures and/or videos. You can choose from 30 different locations including facebook, photobucket, shutterfly, flickr, smugmug, youtube, mobileme, picasa and more. You can add up to 32 networks (as long as you have a username/ID and password). The Eye-Fi comes with a USB reader and software, ready to configure right away on your computer. If you do not want them sent to any online networks, you can have them sent straight to your computer as long as it’s online in your network range.

See where your photos are stored

SDHC card + Wi-Fi = Eye-Fi!

Founded in 2005, the company has been dedicated to creating and building ideas to help consumers store their visual memories safe and securely. They also understand that some people take pictures only for special occasions while others use photography as a way of life. With that being said, you can choose between four Eye-Fi card sizes; connect 4GB, geo 4GB, explore 8GB and pro 8GB. All four types include wireless photo and video uploads, class 6 and endless memory mode (and the connect 4GB is just those features). The geo 4GB includes geotagging, the explore 8GB includes geotagging and hotspot & the pro 8GB includes wireless RAW file uploads and Ad Hoc connection.

They are priced (from lowest GB and features to highest) at $49.99, $69.99, $99.99 and $149.99; available for purchase on the official Eye-Fi website or various retail stores throughout the U.S. including Best Buy and Office Depot.

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