Nielsen And Facebook Seek To Increase Effectiveness of Advertising

Facebook page

Facebook page

Nielsen and Facebook have partnered up to increase the effectiveness of social media advertising. They also seek to prove the ability of social media to further advertising dollars and efforts.

While some accuse the two of being strange bedfellows, and findings seem to be tainted by the partnership, they have concluded that Facebook promotes advertising success.
According to a Nielsen study, advertising on Facebook brings results, especially when used in conjunction with features such as the “Like” button, and having thier ads appear in the streams of friend activities.

Nielsen reports that it surveyed over 800,000 Facebook users and 125 advertising campaigns. The most successful ads were those featured on a homepage. When an ad was “liked” by a friend, teh success of that ad’s visibility and ability to be recalled by the viewer jumped to 16% and to 30% when the ad content appeared in a friend’s news feed.

The research also looked at intent to purchase and found the trends followed these same lines.
I “assume we will start incorporating offline purchase and other transactional data as part o the analysis,” said Jon Gibbs, VP of Media Analytics at Nielsen.

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