Fairfield Youth Sing of African-American History

Fairfield High School's African American Voices of Youth

Fairfield High School's African American Voices of Youth

History through Music: African American Creativity from Gospel to Hip-Hop” is set to celebrate Black History Month toward the end February. Damien Strecker, social studies teacher, and the organizational adviser for the group, articulates the significance of education in the community, and his commitment to ensure that it thrives. Strecker seizes an opportunity to showcase the talent of the student body, while simultaneously bringing more awareness to the significance of Black History Month, which contributes to the history of the United States. “There’s absolutely no way to truly understand the American experience unless you do get these other narratives,” he said.

The performance will first introduce the group as a whole unit before starting into the story of African-American heritage. Students narrate the significance of each style before they perform each piece, which does it’s part to carry the audience through the centuries of evolution experienced by African-Americans.

Influential Africa-Americans

This isn’t simply a performance, but a celebration.¬†What was originally a history club has developed into a social service club. They have set aside their normal after-school history lessons and service projects, in order to prepare for the big event.

Make sure not to miss this historic celebration at the Performing Arts Center at Fairfield High School (8800 Holden Blvd.) at 7p.m. February, 25th.

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