FIFA World Cup 2010 ends for the US!

Crushed Hopes !!

The charm lasted only for a couple of weeks and World Cup hopes for the US got doomed much before the quarter finals. Just when soccer as a sport started gaining momentum in the US, thanks to the American sport media for putting up the hype around the Cup and building hopes, the wussy feeble team of US players couldn’t survive the ferociousness of Ghana and fell apart like a house of cards.

Not that anyone in the world ever hoped of the US to get the Cup to the Country, but at least running a little deeper into the tournament and reaching the quarter finals would have made the sport a little popular amongst the young generation and paved way for us in Brazil four years down the line. None of that could have achieved despite of names like Donovan and Dempsey in the team, and now it’s time to look back and see what and how things could have been any different.

Many people are blaming the USA coach Bob Bradley for the disaster and now he is likely to be replaced by Dominic Kinnear or Steve Nicol, but just putting the blame on him alone can’t bring the tactical efficiencies we badly need nor can it compensate for the stronger team with better goal keepers and defenders.

Once we change our attitude towards the game, everything will fall in place and we can eventually look forward to the World Cup

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