‘Stealing First Base’ is a Recent Gem of a Simpson Episode

Matt Groening, creator The Simpsons

The Simpsons break new ground in social commenary as Matt Groening introduces what seems to be a new level of socio-centric animated satire.

The beginning of the episode shows Homer with his new GPS system, and how difficult it is for him  to follow Lisa’s simple explanation: meters are three inches longer than the 36-inch yard. Because of his dimwitted demeanor, he misses a right turn, and somehow manages to crash through a construction site before arriving at the front of the elementary school, fastened to the back-end of a tow truck.

At school, Bart is disappointed about his teacher’s absence when he learns that Skinner is forcing their class to integrate with their fellow forth graders. But, the transition isn’t a total loss, once he chooses a desk with a vampire-loving skateboard girl named Nikki.

Meanwhile, Lisa is busy loathing her first ‘F’ while seated alone on the playground see-saw. She tries to cope with the horrible truth, until suddenly a fellow failure joins her on the teeter-totter. Soon everyone is embracing her common stupidity, which gets spoiled by the teacher, who reveals that the grade was just a mistake, and that the young girl had really gotten an ‘A’ triple plus on the exam. This news turns the majority against her, as she is immediately ridiculed for her superior mental capacity. In her confusion about what had happened, Lisa posts on her organic gardening blog. She is enthralled to find an inspirational response from a curious individual named flotus1. To her surprise, the author turns out to be the First Lady Of The United States, Michele Obama, who arrives by helicopter to congratulate Lisa’s ambitions, and to inspire other over-achievers to continue on the path to greatness.

The (dramatized) Simpsons

As for the fourth-grade relationship, America’s overly litigious society is heavily criticized as an innocent kiss turns into a lawsuit, leading to the young boy receiving a crash course in the bizarre nature of love, which would have turned him away from girls altogether, if not for another strategically whimsical kiss on the boy’s cheek.

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