First Ferrari 458 Italia auctioned

One word to describe the auction winner: LUCKY

The first person to own the new Ferrari 458 Italia received his car at a charity gala on March 25th, 2010.  Held in a luxurious mansion in Beverly Hills, CA, the event was held for the Haiti relief efforts of the Catholic Medical Mission Board and the William J. Clinton Foundation.  The event held more than 500 bidders and was well attended by both industry people and celebrities: Marco Mattiacci, CEO of Ferrari North America; Piero Ferrari; Amedeo Ferrari, CEO of Ferrari; Patrick Dempsey; and John Mayer, who also performed for those in attendance, were among the people present.

Several notable Ferrari items were auctioned at the gala.  Among the items was the suit that Ferrari driver Fernando Alonso won the season opener in Bahrain sold for $35,000.  Also auctioned was a chance to be a part of Team Ferrari at F1 Montreal was sold for $21,000, a price that is so undervalued it should be criminal.

The 458 Italia was the last item to be auctioned.  The car has an MSRP of $220,000, but bidding started above that at a quarter million dollars.  To expect the price of a car with a 2 and a half year waiting period to be sold for anywhere close to the sticker price is simply ridiculous.  Bidding quickly doubled to $500,000, but then stalled as bidders reached their maximum price.  Egged on by TV host Joel McHale, the final price on the car crept up to $530,000 and was finally sold.  While three 458 Italias were on display at the event, the winner will have to wait until June, when the first cars are shipped to receive his new Ferrari.

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