New Report Shows Fruitz Watches Have Health Benefits

Fruits Watches
Fruitz Watches

Fruitz watches, which represent a dazzling array of real fruits, from Watermelon to Lychee, have proven health benefits, according to a study conducted by PeaceLove Art.  A cross section of first hand experiences of wearers of Fruitz watches demonstrated that the fun and fashionable timepieces also have the power to promote better concentration, more focus, better sleep and less stress.  Study participant fourteen-year-old Kathie said that she “was not tired…and paid attention in math class” as a result of wearing her Fruitz watch.  Similarly, ED, an eight-year-old boy, reported that he “felt less anxious and fidgety” as a result of wearing his Fruitz watch.  Likewise, a 39 year old male reported that he feels “anxious now when…[he] doesn’t have it on, it really helps…[him] relax” and BC, a 65 year old female, said that her Fruitz watch helps her “relax and focus on the task at hand”.  Similar reactions were felt by many of the study participants.

Each Fruitz watch is embedded with a natural frequency technology disk, infused with the earth’s natural frequencies (seven to nine hertz), which are said to communicate with the energy field of the watch wearer, and inform their body to relax.  The impact of the natural frequency technology disk is felt by the wearer, whether or not it touches his or her skin, as long as there is no barrier between the case back and the skin.

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