Fruits Watches Take Nutrition to a Whole New Level

Fruits Watches by Fruitz with Natural Frequency Technology
Fruits Watches by Fruitz with proprietary Natural Frequency Technology

Fruits watches, produced by Fruitz, have been creating quite a buzz lately, not only because of the brand’s fashion appeal and fun image, but also because of the natural frequency technology embedded in each watch.

The concept behind Fruitz is that just as fruits provide our bodies with nutritional value, so do these watches. How so? The Natural Frequency Technology disks on each watch contain the same frequencies at which the earth resonates (7-9 hz). Through the disk these key frequencies flow into the body of the watch wearer. It communicates with the bio field, and helps regulate the biorhythm of the wearer. It is truly a breakthrough technology, developed by Philip Stein.

In particular, it is the Fruitz Classic collection that represents a large range of Fruits. There’s the Grapefruit Fruitz Classic Watch, the Organge Fruitz Classic Watch and the Lemon Fruitz Classic Watch representing citrus fruits. Then there is the Blueberry Fruitz Classic Watch, the Blackberry Fruitz Classic Watch, the Raspberry Fruitz Classic Watch and the Strawberry Fruitz Classic Watch representing the Berry family. Fruitz range from the typical, such as the Red Apple Fruitz Classic watch, to the atypical, such as the Lychee Fruitz Classic Watch, taking fashion watches…and nutrition to a whole new level!

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