G-Blakk’s Debut Album, ‘Blakk Planet,’ Revives A Dying Breed of Hip Hop

Mixtape is Coming Soon!!

Unlike the majority of modern-day rappers, whose lyrics normally revolve around drugs, violence, booty, material gains, or a swollen ego of badassness, G-Blakk‘s debut album, Blakk Planet, has a historically hip-hop mission behind it’s composition: fix the broken black people. Tracks like Fool’s Gold, and March may not be propagated by the”blazing hip-hop and R&B” stations (television NOR radio), but they support the success of the black community moreso than most of the music that infiltrates the many minds of the masses.

With lyrics that will tickle the true hip-hop heads that still have early Nas and Common Sense (before he went Common) albums in the player, G-Blakk should expect a heat-felt embrace by those that have been standing out in the cold, waiting for some new hot fire to heat up the rap game.  This album takes a shot at the usual suspects; understandably, the Man (of predominately Caucasian descent), The System, and the self-destructive habits of the Afro-American community.

Perhaps G-Blakk's Album Pays Title Homage to Public Enemy

Some may be disappointed to find that their are no song credits whatsoever, since that makes it hard to find more about who you like. In place of such attributions, ¬†Willie Lynch’s infamous speech that allegedly recommended that slave owners pit their slaves against one another to ensure their complete subservience. And even though this letter has been refuted, it does the listened justice by truly setting the tone of the album’s deep-thought material.

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