Google Buzz API Launches New Era

Google Buzz API integrates with twelve social apps

Google Buzz is growing up and maturing into a more compatible, multi-platform tool like Facebook and Twitter with the addition the Google Buzz API.  Now Buzz users can go outside of Gmail and tap into applications like Tweetdeck, Seesmic and Boxee.

The announcement came today and is refreshing for current Gmail account holders who have not completely embraced Google Buzz being a part of their e-mail.  It is expected that with the connection with other social network apps that there will be more of a Buzz community emerging, especially since the new version will now be compatible with Facebook and Twitter.

Video sharing will be a major plus for those familiar with Boxee, which will now be integrated with Google Buzz API.  And Seesmic will now be using Buzz with its newly updated apps, its redesigned Desktop and with Android.

Because this is a brand new API, Google has created a Buzz API issue tracker to report any bugs and a developer’s forum.  The company plans to continue to add to Google Buzz API in the hopes of making it a universally compatible social network platform.

There are currently twelve apps that are now integrated with Google Buzz listed on the website.  A developer’s manual has also been issued so that Buzz users can quickly get up to speed with the new API technology.

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