Google Aims To Improve Searches With Freeweb

Search results could soon improve with Google's recent purchase of Metaweb, Inc.

In a recent purchase of Metaweb, Inc. for around $57 million, Google has plans to make its search engine that much smarter.  Search terms like celebrities, companies, books, movies and more will become more specific and easier to identify with the five year-old technology called Freeweb.

Danny Hillis is the brains behind the keyword service.  He developed Freeweb as an entrepreneur living in Silicon Valley.  The way it works is that a large database siphons through search results and helps distinguish which terms belong to what subject.  For example, if you search for the city of Boston you may come up with a variety of subjects like Boston cream pie or the city of Boston.  Freeweb helps separate words into distinguishable search results that can be easily chosen.

Google is looking forward to improving its search engine results with the new acquisition, and will allow Freeweb to continue as a free service on the Internet while at the same time making it even better.  Google also hope that developers will contribute their input and ideas as they incorporate Freeweb into their own database structure.

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