Google Seeks To Change Telephony With Google Voice

Google Voice is now available to all Google users in the U.S.

In 2007 Google snatched up the company GrandCentral, and turned it into what is now Google Voice, a free service to all Google users in the United States.  The company hopes to make telephone calling and messaging easy and free with the service.

Google Voice offers free features that can be used with any cell phone or telephone carrier including voice mail, a new telephone number to connect everything to, voice mail transcription, call blocking and more.  The idea is to streamline telephone services into one, easy to use web based application.  Right now Google has one million subscribers, who have all had to be invited to use the service.  But now it is available to anyone in the U.S.

Any computer user can access Google Voice right from their Google account.  You can choose to use one telephone number or not and just continue to access each individual one.

The aim of Google creating this new application is to enhance its already growing online services like Google Buzz, Google Docs and Google Wave.  Small businesses can benefit greatly from these free services and be able to operate on a shoestring budget without compromising productivity.  As more users are added to the Google Voice network, be on the lookout for more improvements and features.

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